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10 common mistakes to avoid when buying new lounge furniture

Deciding to freshen the look of your home with brand new furniture is an exciting decision. With all the designs, colours, and styles on the market – it’s a lot to take in. Use this list to educate yourself and avoid making these 10 common mistakes.

Mistake #1 – ignoring the measurements

Some people never take measures at all. Furniture in a showroom may look different when its delivered to your home. The front door should be the first measurement you take. Ceiling height, walls, and the width of hallways are also important but – it won’t matter if you can’t get the furniture inside your home. Take additional measurements like lift size and stairwells too. You may also want to account for specifics like electrical sockets and windows. Finally, take accurate measurements of each piece of furniture before you make the purchase.


You may appreciate trendy designs like L-shaped sofas but the way things appear in the showroom may not be mirrored in your home. Compare the scale of the furniture with the size of your room. Note details like door openings and common walkways. It may help to create a mock up that notes specific dimensions. Don’t be discouraged if you need to find another option. Mobelli offers a wide selection of sofas ranging from large, family-sized designs to compact urban styles perfect for apartments.

MISTAKE #3 – being blinded by lighting

Showrooms are lit with artificial lighting. Furniture colours may change when placed in natural lighting. Rooms with lots of windows may cast different shadows and rooms without lighting will make colours darker. Think of these potential variations before choosing a colour.

Cirrus sofa alt view - LR.jpg


MISTAKE #4 – never setting intentions

Invest in furniture with a specific purpose in mind. Make sure you clearly define its use before you decide to buy. Think about your needs. Children, pets, and high traffic areas are all things to consider before making up your mind.

The Mobelli furniture selection caters to any need. For instance, you can enjoy the appeal of a modern upholstered lounge suite completely worry-free. Upkeep is easy thanks to some of the sofas having removable washable covers. Their innovative designs adapt to your lifestyle.

MISTAKE #5 – falling for the latest fad

Just because it’s attractive now doesn’t mean you’ll be satisfied years down the line. Comfort and longevity should always supersede furniture trends. Purchase stylish pieces that are practical too. Mobelli offers contemporary designs that are modern with a timeless twist.

MISTAKE #6 – forgetting functionality

Beautiful furniture must still appeal to your functional needs, colours and styles initially attract the eye but consider all the furniture’s uses. Is it comfortable? Is there enough seating for everyone? Answer these questions now to avoid heading back to the showroom.

Brooklyn Sofa.jpg


MISTAKE #7 – disregarding the salesperson

It’s true that some sales people can be pushy and aggressive but it’s their job to help you – so let them! Explain your budget and what you’re looking for, down to the measurements. Then trust the sales person to do what they do best. The representatives at Mobelli Furniture + Living are some of the most experienced and friendly staff you’ll ever meet and they are trained not to just sell you furniture but find the right solution for your needs

MISTAKE #8 -making impulse purchases

We always stress the importance of making educated decisions. Furniture is a considerable investment, take the time to find options before finalising your choice. Walk around, call a friend – sleep on it, if you must. Comfortably weigh the pros and cons (if any) before digging into your pockets.

MISTAKE #9 – deciding alone

If you aren’t the only person who’ll be living with this decision, make sure you involve your partner or family so everyone is happy with the choice before making your purchase.

MISTAKE #10 – sacrificing quality

It’s still possible to purchase quality furniture, even if you don’t have an unlimited budget. We’ve shared lots of tips and tricks to help you make an educated decision. Use this knowledge to determine what’s quality furniture and what isn’t. Remember, quality doesn’t automatically equal expensive.

For additional help with avoiding common mistakes, Book A Consultation with one of our experts today.