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5 Reasons Why You Need a Sleeper Couch

Call it what you want, a sleeper couch, futon or sofa bed – the list goes on. Without a doubt a sleeper couch is one of the greatest inventions in modern décor and definitely a common sight in homes these days.

So why the sudden hype?

Well, they are very versatile as they integrate different elements into one and work seamlessly with any interior style. Just in case you need a little convincing, here are a few reasons why you should get one.


Yes, this is worth mentioning again. One of the reasons why most people own one and why you definitely need one is that it saves space by performing dual function. It offers a stylish place to sit and a practical place to sleep lending extra room for other belongings and furniture pieces. This feature is particularly handy for those living in a studio or small apartment where space is limited.



Many people know sleeper couches to be, well, not that comfortable and therefore won’t even consider having one in their home. With new design techniques and the available materials, sleeper couches has drastically improved and so has its comfortability. Now a sleeper couch offer comfort when entertaining or while watching TV with the family and even more so when sleeping, which technically makes it the best furniture piece to have in your lounge, study or entertainment room.



While a regular couch just offers a place to sit, a sleeper couch is an entirely different story. It provides you with two furniture pieces in one, a stylish sofa which can easily transform into a bed for when you have overnight guests or if you are just feeling lazy. Are you sold on having a sleeper couch yet? keep reading…



Not only does a sofa bed provide seating for family and friends; but it also provides the benefit of an extra bed. This is very useful as their hidden dual purpose add to their charm when you have relatives or unexpected overnighters staying over. Whether you have the luxury of a spare room or not, you can easily and quickly turn your lounge or office space into a temporary guest room. Which makes this single piece of furniture a definite must have, especially for apartment living and loft living and it is the perfect solution for Airbnb’s.



With new design possibilities you can get a sleeper couch that suits your interior space. You are no longer limited in choice, the options are endless. For instance you can now find a sleeper couch that looks exactly like a normal sofa but with hidden compartments that quickly pulls out extra elements to turn it into a stylish sleeper couch. Look at the photo below, at first glance you wouldn’t be able to tell that this is a sleeper couch but it is. It is cleverly designed to have all the comfort and style of a normal sofa with added elements to turn it into a sleeper couch in a blink of an eye.


Without a doubt, a sleeper couch is an incredible piece of furniture that your house is missing. Not only only does does it look great and save space but it gives you added value by having an extra place to sleep for your guests. So there you have it, 5 reasons why you need a sleeper couch in your life!