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How to choose the right sun lounger for you

Summer is here and with the holidays around the corner thoughts turn to relaxing by the pool. This often means spending time on your sun lounger reading a book or just chilling out. Depending on what your priorities are we have some tips to ensure you have the right lounger that suits you and your lifestyle

Easy convenience

Having a sun lounger which you can move in and out of the sun easily as you wish is often a key requirement for many people. Mobelli offers sun loungers with wheels so there is no need to carry them around simply wheel them into the position of your choice. The Piazza sling lounger has large feature wheels so you can move it around effortlessly. Alternatively, if you don’t want the wheels to be visible the clever Vola sun lounger has discreet hidden wheels it can also be moved to your desired location quickly and easily without effort.

piazza-outdoor-sling-sun-lounger-mobelli-1      vola-sun-lounger-mobelli-02

If you like to laze outside whilst reading a book or perhaps catching up with the news or your emails on a tablet the glare of the sun can be off-putting. Look no further than the Rhodes sun lounger which offers you your very own personal shade. Simply pull the sun visor into place and your face, book or tablet can be shaded from the bright sunshine. When it’s not needed just tuck it away.

rhodes-outdoor-sun-lounger-mobelli-2      rhodes-outdoor-sun-lounger-mobelli-3

Ultimate comfort

If the very best comfort is your primary need then its good option to choose a lounger that offers extra padding or even a cushion. Mobelli offers a choice of options including the Lungo and the Sirena which have quick drying padded sections so you can lie on them directly after coming out of the pool, the comfy padding means you don’t need any extra cushions. The Sirena also has a unique mechanism so you can position it at any angle to get your ideal position. The Piazza sun lounger comes in safari brown or ash white and with the additional cushions offers a truly comfortable experience so much so that you won’t want to move all day long.

sirena-outdoor-sun-lounger-mobelli-2      piazza-outdoor-sun-loungers-mobelli-1

Designer style

The latest in sun lounger design offers ultra-chic summer living. Bring boutique spa style into your own outdoor space with Bello. Our latest sun lounger epitomizes elegant design at its best. The extra wide lounger offers a generous lounging area with quick drying padded sections for great comfort. The unique sleek teak platform brings a warmth to the clean lines whilst proving a convenient space for your personal items such as a cooling drink or magazine.


Classic comfort for the whole family

When it comes to a lounging space for all the family look no further than the Aura Day bed. Combining comfort and an element of fun as the bed swivels a full 360 degrees to track the sun the kids will love it. Whether you choose a romantic afternoon in the sun with your loved one or a family gathering you’ll find the Aura day bed a perfect choice. The optional canopy provides shade as required.

aura-outdoor-daybed-mobelli-2      aura-outdoor-daybed-mobelli-3

Sun loungers that can stay outdoors in any weather

There are a host of sun loungers out there for you to choose from but who wants to hassle about the weather bringing them inside during a rain shower or even storing them in the garage during winter. The South African weather often affords us lovely sunny days in winter so if you want to lie outside for a couple of hours to enjoy these days it’s likely you won’t if you have to bring them out of the garage to use. All Mobelli sun loungers can be left outside whatever the weather 365 days of the year so they are ready to use whenever you want them. All the materials we use whether this be quick drying strong sling material or high-quality wicker they can all withstand any weather conditions, What’s more, they are incredibly easy to clean and maintain simply hose them down to wash away the dirt and you are ready to go.

Whatever you choose make sure you choose loungers that really can stay outdoor and are easy to maintain which will mean you can enjoy more quality time outdoors.

If you need any advice just give us a call or call into one of our showrooms we love to chat about our sun loungers.