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How well are your furniture covers protecting your outdoor furniture?

Once upon a time, furniture covers seemed like an absolute necessity. They’re designed to prolong the life of outdoor furniture; safeguarding your investment and shielding it from the elements. Though there are some practical uses for outdoor furniture covers, how can you tell if yours is really doing its job? We’ll answer that question by highlighting a few pros and cons that come along with storing your furniture beneath a weather-resistant cover.


  • Quality outdoor furniture doesn’t need furniture covers, but they do aid in preserving the longevity of the furniture.
  • Waterproofing protects your outdoor sets from rain; keeping your cushions free from soil while guarding frames against rust and rot. After a sudden downpour, you can simply remove the furniture cover and enjoy seating that’s dry, plush, and comfortable.
  • Covering outdoor sets can keep them clean too. The added layer of protection can block dust and debris, and even rogue bird droppings, from staining your furniture.



As with most things, there is a downside to consider. You shouldn’t rely solely on furniture covers to deliver full coverage – here’s a list of a few cons that come along using furniture covers.

  • Time consuming production of custom covers leaves your furniture exposed. Mobelli takes pride in crafting tailored furniture covers, but we also make sure that our outdoor furniture is solid enough to stand on its own. Don’t forget about the time it takes to cover and uncover before and after each use. Fortunately, Mobelli’s outdoor pieces are Pret l’emploi or, ready to use.
  • Unsightly bulk detracts from the appeal of your outdoor furniture. You made this investment to enhance your decor, not create a visible pile of storage. Even when you remove the cover from your furniture, you’ll have to find a place to store over sized pieces with each and every use.
  • Heat damage caused by blistering temperatures can affect materials beneath the cover. When the sun rises high, heavyweight materials subject outdoor seating to a make-shift oven. Some materials can melt, burn, get sun bleached or discoloured. Humid temperatures are also a playground for bacteria and mould. If your furniture covers are welcoming rot on wooden frames, they aren’t protecting your investment very well.
  • Cleanliness becomes a factor, especially when you consider sanitation issues like mould. Furniture covers form a shield to block blowing dirt and leaves but, eventually, they get dirty too. If you can’t thoroughly clean your covers, over time, lingering dirt and grime will soil your outdoor furniture – even from the inside.
  • Deterioration is another concern to consider. As the furniture covers resist the elements, the quality of the fabric will begin to wear down. Harsh winds and unrelenting sunshine can lead to discolouration, rips, and tears; sometimes even before the season has ended.
  • Wind damage is a cause for concern, not just for your covers, but for your outdoor furniture. A considerable gust can catch your cover like wind in a sail, dragging your furniture around with it. Even stationary rubbing and chaffing may evolve into cause for alarm. Rubbing against your furniture can create tears in the cushions or snags in wooden frame materials.


the bottom line

Starting with a quality made outdoor set is most important. Mobelli’s furniture is designed to withstand plenty of outdoor enjoyment. You should be able to look outside and be greeted by an inviting seating arrangement, not grimy protective covers.

We craft durable outdoor pieces that remind our customers of the joys of unwinding in their own private space. Thoughtful design elements like our durable, rust-free aluminum frames, sun-resistant wicker, and quick-clean acrylic fabrics come together to create a stylishly relaxed outdoor furniture collection.

To be frank, when you own Mobelli outdoor furniture, covers aren’t required. We strive to present our customers with a line of outdoor options that remind you of rest – not work and stress.

We want you to get the most use of your furniture, so take pride in offering peace of mind through each of our designs. When you know that your pieces were crafted by experts committed to upholding the solid reputation of their brand, you’ll rest assured that you’ve made a solid investment.


In our professional opinion, there’s only one occasion that requires furniture covers and that’s to protect furniture left behind at your holiday home. They’ll shield your outdoor collection until your next visit, offering quick, easy, and hassle-free protection.