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Reimagine your home as your new home office

What does one need to make the perfect home office?

As the Coronavirus has proven, nothing is impossible. All over the world, people are working from home.

The lockdown has caught many by surprise. As we rushed to protect ourselves and isolate in our homes, we had to make do with the furniture we had as our temporary home office.

For some, the ability to work from home has been a godsend – others wish to return to the office environment ASAP.

Most people do not have a separate office in their home. Personally, I don’t think they need to have one either. A good desk, a comfortable chair and some storage are the basics that one needs to make a functioning home office.

Here is a list of what you need to make yourself the ultimate productive home office.

Your new office desk – Grab yourself a great dining room table. It makes for the best desk. In fact, it’s even better than the desk in your office (read here about the 6 reasons why
Close up low angle view of a man working from home on a laptop computer sitting at a desk surfing the internet

Chairs – It is absolutely essential that you get a comfortable chair, one that you can sit on for hours and still be comfortable.


A traditional office chair is not always practical in a home office. The reason why is simple.

When your work is done, the elements you use to make your home office need to fit within your décor. They need to have another use.

Have you ever seen an office chair in a home? I didn’t think so. But I bet you have seen plenty of dining chairs in an office.

Make sure that the chairs you buy for your home office can be used in other settings too, (like your dining room for example).

View home office chair ideas here

Storage – Most homes are short on storage space.


Seeing all the office paperwork and files strewn around all over the place can be quite dampening on the mood. it’s just too messy.

When you are done with work, you want your home office to be just a home. So find yourself some interesting credenzas to place your paperwork in and beautiful shelves to easily access and store your files.

See our selection of amazing storage credenzas and shelving here

Occasional chairs These are also know as accent chairs.


They are great for easy work from home solutions. In tight spaces or creative environments all you need is an occasional chair and a coffee table / Ottoman to rest your feet on.

With your laptop or tablet on your lap or a telephone in your hand create all the magic that your business so desperately needs.

Occassional chairs bring an element of relaxation to the home office. Break away from your desk and sink in to let the creative thoughts populate your mind.

See amazing occasional chairs for your home office here

Home office Décor 

HomeOffice-RevoSlider-1066X4062Over the past 30 years great headway was done in office design to make sure that you work in offices that inspire creativity.

Your home office is no different.

Make sure your environment stimulates your thinking and reinforces your purpose.

A great rug, some inspiring art, scatter cushion to support you while you sit and a vase to put flowers in to brighten your day are all essential for the perfect home office and work from home scenario.

Check out some of our home office décor ideas here

It is a new world out there. Don’t settle on replicating your old office in your home. Work from a new area of creativity in your home, and with the right help, you may never want to go back to the office again.