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Top 3 outdoor furniture trends for Spring / Summer 2019

Have you ever found yourself staring at a piece of furniture or decor item wondering why you got it in the first place? You are not alone. Sometimes we all go after a piece that is trending at that very moment rather than thinking of buying smart and getting something that will still be trendy a few years from now. To help you future proof your outdoor area we’ve made a list of upcoming trends that won’t go out of style. Without further ado here are the 3 trends catching our eye for 2019 outdoor furniture and decor.


Co-creating is a new trend that is all about introducing the latest modular furniture into your home. The idea is to buy furniture that can be adapted to your lifestyle. In today’s world the way we use our space is constantly evolving to fit our daily needs and change as our style changes.

Modular lounge sets have been re-invented to allow you to be a co-creator of your outdoor space as the trend suggests. ‘Modular’ no longer just means the option of changing your layout by moving the corner and center chairs around. The latest innovation is modular seating with interchangeable arms, backs and tables, thus simply adapting to how you want to use it.    


Outdoor Homing

Outdoor homing is similar to the indoor-outdoor trend in that it is all about making the outdoor space as comfortable as the indoor space. You can achieve this by creating a seamless flow from indoors to outdoors by picking up accent colours from your inside living space and introducing that colour palette into your outdoor area with scatter cushions, throws, rugs and decor accessories. This will soften your outdoor space as well as creating a harmonious flow throughout your home.


Urban living

Urban living speaks to smaller spaces where the outdoor space is limited and only a few items can live there. This is where transforming or multi-functional furniture comes in, similar to co-creating these furniture pieces also adapts to your lifestyle and can function as more than one piece of furniture, for instance, a coffee table that can instantly be transformed into a casual dining setting or a 2 seater couch that doubles up as a daybed.

There you have it, trends that will still be in style even though it is not in the spotlight in a few years time. If you really love a colour that is trending at the moment we suggest buying a decor item in that colour rather then a couch, this way you can change it up easily if you choose to change up the colour scheme of your space. 

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Other trends to look out for in 2019:

Colour: Anthracite is the most popular colour trend for outdoor furniture and you’ll see more of this trend than ever in 2019. See it in sun loungers, dining tables & chairs as well as drinks trolleys and accessories.

Fabrics and Textiles: Quilted designs have been around for the indoor living space for some time now and only now are we seeing that spread to the outdoor space. See it in upholstered furniture and scatter cushions

Outdoor Rugs: Zoning is trending right now and will grow even more in 2019, similar to creating zones inside the home the outdoor space can also be set into key zones for lounging and dining. Rugs are a great way to demarcate space.